The Manor

classified as a building of historical interest

The first document that records the existence of the house dates back to the 14th century. since then, it has undergone constant changes depending on the trend of each moment. The current appearance is the result of the remodelling that took place in the middle of the 20th century.

In the main front of the Manor, there is a majestic stone staircase that gives access to a semicircular arch portico, where there are two cannons from the Napoleonic period, and a beautiful sundial. From there, the main entrance is accessed through a wrought iron fence up to the great hall, and overhead the staircase is the coat of arms of the Roquer family.

Inside, there are numerous rooms where you can hold any celebration in comfort.

Roquer Hall

The Roquer Room is the main entrance to the Manor. Due to its antiquity and architectural structure, the Catalan arches ornamented by a beautiful central lamp stand out.

At the end of the room, there is a majestic staircase, with a wooden wainscot, typical of a French palace. Due to its enormous dimensions, the open-plan room is transformed into a winter dining room, assembly hall, or discotheque, depending on the needs.

Montseny Hall

This room is a blend between the ancient and the modern. A perfect mixture between two diferent epochs that accumulate different histories. Its stone walls have a large window overlooking the Montseny, which gives meaning to its name. Since it is next to the great hall, it is the ideal place to chill out, have a photo shoot in the photo booth, or indulge from the sweets stand.


The barn is a separate building from the Manor. Its wooden beams and the structure of the double-sloped roof turn it into a rustic and elegant space to hold any type of act. Surrounded by logs of wood, arranged as a wall and benches, combine perfectly with the natural environment of the garden.

Magnolia Hall

The Magnolia hall is our most diaphanous space. Full of light and painted all white, it makes it the most versatile area of the Manor. Without a doubt, a room that makes everyone fall in love with it for its great simplicity and clarity. A perfect space to have any act, decoration, or celebration.


The cellar together with the Magnolia room are the two rooms that have been preserved oldest in the house. The vaulted ceiling and its stone walls make it a precious space full of charm. It breathes the aroma of wine and a fresh atmosphere, as it has been the cellar of the palace since unforgettable times, and currently preserves a collection of wine bottles filled with century-old powder.

It is the ideal place for a small dinner or wine tasting as well as an open bar.


Jardins el Roquer has a 100% equipped kitchen designed to carry out any event or celebration. Composed of refrigerators, hot chambers, stoves, iron, electric oven, wood-fired oven, microwave, and freezer, it covers the needs of all suppliers so that they can offer a top-quality gastronomy.

Pampering the supplier is pampering the customer.