The garden at Jardins el Roquer was created in the 19th century as a recreational space for the Roquer family and was completed in the 20th century by the renowned forest enthusiast Emilio Garolera. It has an extensive collection of palm trees, araucarias, and magnolias. 

The collection of trees and plants consists of more than two hundred and fifty species, which occupy 20,000 square metres of land. Considered one of the best dendrological gardens in Europe, it is home to trees from all five continents, some of which are centuries old.

There are unique specimens from the world, such as the Himalayan cedar whose pine cones take on a reddish colour; the sequoias and cedars also stand out, with a height of up to forty-five metres. But the jewel of the garden is undoubtedly the great magnolia, classified as a monumental tree by the Generalitat de Catalunya, the largest specimen of Magnolia grandiflora in Europe.

The garden is also home to a wide variety of flowers, which give the environment a splendid display of colour. The path of camellias, the roundabout surrounded by hydrangeas, the flower beds made up of mosaics of several species, the numerous lakes full of water lilies, and the enormous range of roses are all worth mentioning.


The Plaza is the transition space between the manor and the garden. In it, we find a cypress more than 30 meters high and a bench that acts as a garden, with a multitude of flowers that give the place great color and harmony.

It is the perfect place to dance outdoors, where to place food trucks or as an extension of the dining area or tent.

Feijoa Garden

Named for its characteristic Feijoa, a tree from Brazil whose peculiarity is its edible flower and fruit. However, the Feijoa Garden has many charms, such as black bamboo, abundant palm trees, a rockery, a small lake, and even raised plazas with stone benches to sit.

In this area, there is usually a welcome drink, although it is also possible to organise a ceremony or refreshment station of beverages and appetisers.


The Magnolia of Jardins el Roquer is the tree of most importance in the garden, considered the largest of Europe. It is in a corner where there are also other species just as significant, such as a giant sequoia from North America.

The magnolia area is a perfect place to place a dedication corner, collage of photos, gifts, as well as seating or other decorative corners.


The swimming pool was built on one of the highest points of the estate. From it, you can see the mountain of Les Agudes and most of the gardens.

It is the best place to hold a cocktail or dance outdoors during the spring and summer months, a privilege that few can enjoy.

Children´s Zone

Jardins El Roquer has a children's area adapted 100% for the safety of children. It is located very close to the main tent, which allows children to be within eyesight at all times. It has a special floor to prevent possible falls and is surrounded by fences so that children cannot get away. It is equipped with a trampoline, a ping-pong table, a small playhouse, and multiple toys.

At the entrance of the area, there is a small orchard of aromatic herbs and a beautiful araucaria tree that provides a very special charm to the environment.


The orchard has three terraces with fruit trees, leafy greens and vegetables, which are used to make the meal of the banquets, if desired. It can also host any event, in a magical and different setting.


Undoubtedly, the cosiest and most functional area of the entire garden. It is usually very useful for its freshness and comfort. The roundabout has an elliptical shape and is surrounded by banana and hydrangea trees.

It has a haima tent that can accommodate any type of banquet without losing the views of the garden. It is so integrated as if you were immersed in nature. It can be closed in case of rain and has a heating system for the coldest days.

Classic Garden

The Classic Garden has a special charm. Its exotic bamboo backdrop, a hundred-year-old cyca with its shoots, a splendid rose garden, a large bronze sculpture and, above all, an exclusive lake full of water lilies, make this place an authentic paradise, ideal for celebrating your ceremony.

Tea Garden

The Tea Garden is usually one of the favorite corners of every spectator. A long corridor of ivy and roses lead, between magic and charm, to a natural stone fountain, which gives the space its relaxing and refreshing sound. It is precisely in this area, where the Lake Garden can be observed from its best vantage point.

It is the most romantic place on the estate, ideal for making an unparalleled photographic feature, or placing a live music group during the aperitif or celebration.

Lake Garden

The lake garden is surrounded by magnanimous araucarias, magnolias, and centenary palm trees that give the area great majesty and elegance, as well as a cool atmosphere under its shade. A lake full of water lilies and colourful fish make this place a special beauty.

It is the most suitable area for an aperitif. The great extension of grass allows one to wander calmly in a unique environment, for the great wealth of trees, plants, and flowers of all types.

Pine Forest

The Pine Forest consists of an important variety of cedars, firs, and pines. The highest and most wooded area of the space, from where you can gaze at the village of Arbúcies, the Montseny mountains, and the estate itself with its magnificent gardens in their maximum splendour.

Since the Pine Forest is the passageway between the parking lot and the estate, it is the ideal place to offer an array of refreshments.


Our private parcking, located on the highest part of the gardens, can accommodate about 30 cars. We also have an additional entrance for guests arriving by bus.

Suppliers, collaborators, and special guests have an alternative access.